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There is nothing more important to us than the privilege of maintaining your gear. As a family-owned business our philosophy is simple: Take care of everyone's equipment as if it is your own. No compromises, just excellent service.

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Deep Blue Scuba & Swim Center

Battery Replacement

Your computer's watertight seals are critical. That's why a battery replacement isn't just changing the battery. The battery compartment o-ring will be replaced, and in some cases even the battery compartment door is replaced. Mosquito (D3), Stinger, Spyder, and D-series computers get leak tested in the Witschi Proofmaster S and all computers are test dived to 130' (40m) in a state-of-the art pressure pot to check all computer functions.

2 Year / 200 Dive Service

In your computer's manual, Suunto recommends that your computer be serviced "every two years or after 200 dives (whichever comes first)". Over time, the rubber o-rings that seal your computer watertight lose their shape and become brittle. During the 2 Year / 200 Dive Service, every single o-ring in your computer is replaced, your computer is cleaned, and the battery replaced. Once it's been reassembled, it gets pressure tested and sent on a test dive to 130' (40m) to ensure that it functions like new.


Battery Replacement  
D Series $60
Transmitter / Tank Pod $55
Large Display (User Changeable) $55
Spyder / Stinger $60


2 Year / 200 Dive Service  
D Series $150
Spyder / Stinger / Mosquito $135


Strap Replacement  

D Series Elastomer (Add $20 for Battery Replacement W/Strap)

D9 Straps are no longer available for replacement

Vyper/Zoop/Spyder/Stinger (Add $30 for Battery Replacement W/Strap) $55


All products received are subject to a $15.00 minimum evaluation, testing, and handling charge.


Non-Warranty Service and Repairs

Even with proper care and regular service, accidents do happen. Scratched crystal? Scratched case? Broken strap? We can replace it. If you have one of these issues, call (562) 434-3939 for an estimate.


Shipping Instructions

Pack your computer or console in a box with at least 2" of padding (bubble wrap or paper) on all sides. Shipping a dive computer, no matter how small, in an envelope risks significant damage to the computer.

Please include the following items:


Ship your computer or console to:

  • SuuntoCare
    c/o Deep Blue Scuba & Swim Center
    11 39th Place
    Long Beach, CA 90803


Rush service is available for an additional charge, however you must write RUSH on the outside of the shipping box.

Suunto DM5 software

Plan and track your dives with Suunto DM5 - it’s compatible with both PC and Mac. (Mac version requires installation of Mono framework.)

Suunto DM5 is a free service that provides you with a deeper understanding of your activities, while engaging with an active online community. Share your dives online or see where others have ventured - and you can track all your land-based activities too.

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